Energy Bomb

Conversion device of sea
tidal or river currents into
electrical energy


There are currents that move huge amount of water in the depth of the seas and oceans, as well as on their surface. These currents are caused mainly by the rotation of the Earth. The present invention converts the huge and renewable power of the ocean, tidal and river currents into electrical energy.

Ocean currents

It consists of a surface float and a submerged structure attached to a mooring device. The propeller attached to the submerged structure is activated by the water current in the sea, river, or canal. And an electric power generator is attached as well to the surface float, inside a sealed chamber. The propeller is connected to the electric power generator. The submerged structure is comprised of a perforated plate with a moveable flap in the front part connected to buoys floating on the surface. When the waves make the surface float move, the buoys pull the wire or make it loose, and thereby vary the angle of the moveable flap regarding the perforated plate to provide stability to the surface float and the submerged structure. The flaps installed in the submerged structure direct the current to the propeller.

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