Demonstration of manipulated magnets


The wind

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The wind force has the ability to generate waves on the surface of great masses of water, waves that can reach big dimensions. We already know some devices designed to convert wave energy into electricity and, thereby, other kinds of power.

Natural Energy

There are currents that move huge amount of water in the depth of the seas and oceans, as well as on their surface. These currents are caused mainly by the rotation of the Earth. The kinetic tidal energy generated by masses of water in motion is a huge source of clean and renewable energy.

  • What we call renewable energy is the energy derived from virtually inexhaustible natural resources

Who needs renewable energy?

The resources of renewable energy are currently gaining paramount importance due to the worsening impact of the greenhouse effect and the consequent global warming, and the awareness of these effects’ impact on the environment grows worldwide. There are also many economies in the world that lack the traditional energy resources (such as oil or gas) and turn more and more to the search of alternatives, such as renewable energy, in their quest for self-sufficiency.


Institutions that promote renewable energy

  • ISES - International Solar Energy Association
  • ASADES - Association Energy Argentina Renovables and Environment
  • LAWEA - Latin American Wind Energy Association





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